Friday, May 7, 2010

Room Renovations

My mom worked so hard making Baby Hudson's room absolutely adorable. She has that magic touch that I just did not get....

My friend Ashley made these letters for his room. They look awesome, she is so talented..

Ev's big boy room- my mom and dad bought all of his furniture and decorations for his 2nd Birthday.

Everest's and Hudson's Toy Cabinet- Mima and Papa did a fabulous job building this cabinet for our playroom. It is so nice to have all of their toys in 1 place :)

We are so blessed by our parents and there many talents....Thank you to all of you for all of your time, effort, and hard work. We love you guys :)


  1. Wow! your mom did a great job on the rooms

  2. Everything looks great! I love the nursery bedding! Super cute

  3. Both of the rooms look amazing!!! Hopefully we'll get to meet Little Hudson soon :)

  4. Their rooms are SO cute! I need Mimi and Papa to build a shelf like that for us! Haha! Great job! Everything has so much cute detail. Praying for you!