Thursday, August 6, 2009

Palm Springs

We were very blessed by my parents to get to spend a week in Palm Desert with them. We stayed at a resort called Marriot's Shadow Ridge. It is a great place for the kiddos, with so many great activities. With it being 110 and warmer most of the trip, we spent alot of time doing some indoor activities. Thanks Mom and Dad for a awesome trip :)

Room Service Please

You buy them tons of toys, and what do they place with?
Coasters, yes coasters

Laying out didn't last long..

Thank God for the Cabana's



Ev is addicted to pencils, crayons, pens, markers-
and he has to have ALL of them.

Enjoying some quiet time

Karate Chop

Brush-Brush-Brush your teeth

Do a little dance

All the activities in the resort and this was their favorite


Fort Time

GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We gotta include this in one of our was loads of fun.....loved hanging with thoses lil guys...they rock our world.......:) Omi & Op's

  2. Ev is just so darn cute!!! Looks like a blast!! We need to hang out soon!!