Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye GymKinz, Hello Tumble Tots

Everest has been going to GymKinz for several months now and it was a great experience. They had to close their doors due to the economy. Our awesome friends The Stein's own Tumble Tots and Everest went their for their daughters 1st Birthday Party and LOVED it. So needless to say it was a very smooth transition. He loves his teachers and has been learning so many great things. He can't stop doing somersaults and saying "Ta Da" when he's done. It is so cute. We are looking forward to all the neat things he is going to learn and do :)

Today was music day- he spotted the marakas 1st thing



  1. Isaac started Tumble Tots too!! So cute! Everest is adorable girl! He is going to break some hearts FOR SURE!! ;)

  2. Do you take him on the open times on Tuesday...my friend takes her son then...