Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a fabulous Easter. It all started with an Easter Egg Hunt at Sanctuary Church, where tons of kids ran through the field filling up their baskets with plastic eggs filled with yummy candy. Kirstin and the boys filled 600 eggs and it took less than 5 minutes before the field was empty. After church we went to the Cauthron's for Easter lunch and another Egg Hunt. We had ham with all the fixing's. The kids enjoyed their hunt and Everest got spoiled with tons of candy, clothes, and toys. Thanks to everyone for all the goodies, and to Blaine and Tara for hosting a terrific day!!!!

This is the BEST part:)

At church taking his time putting each egg in his basket

Look, I got 2 eggs out of 600!!!!

Papa helping Eve find some eggs

Where's the eggs?

Wait for me

Here's some chocolate Howie


Jordyn likes to open each egg and see what's inside before finding all the eggs. M&M's (yummy)
Taylor and Alana
Taylor's neighbor Alana joined the boys in the Easter Egg Hunt. When she came home from church she went outside with her family to find her eggs. NO EGGS!!!!!!! Before church her dad hid all of her hard boiled eggs in the backyard. "who on earth would come steal a child's Easter eggs"? Well come to find out another neighbor saw a crow flying away from Alana's backyard with what he thought was an apple. Nope not an apple, the crow's ate all of Alana's eggs. So let this be a lesson, do not leave hard boiled eggs out for a long period of time, or they may disappear. So needless to say the boys invited Alana over to hunt for egg's with them.

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  1. Good to know about hard boiled eggs! Yes, the egg hunt and church was fun. :) Glad you guys had a nice Easter and we couldn't have asked for better weather, huh?