Monday, April 13, 2009


Well are trip had to come to an end:( I spent the whole vacation pondering how I could get my whole family to move to Maui and am still thinking? We had an amazing time in paradise. We are so thankful that Opi gave us an amazing trip with the whole fam....Dad you are the BOMB, and we love ya lots.I took over 300 pictures and had a hard time only posting a few. Here are the fav's.

That's where I get my good looks:)

Arrrrrr Mates

I survived!

Blaine having a blast, Tara holding on for dear life.

3 musketeers

My favorite

How much longer do I have to hold this?

Banana Mac's (Priceless)

My little surfer

Fun -until a big wave threw him off

I'm not sure what I just ate

Too cute


Is this a real car?

Where's the chicks?


  1. Great Pictures! Hope your dreams to move work out :) Can we come with?

  2. So cute! great pics! glad you guys are back. we missed you guys! baylee cried every night asking where Everest was! poor girl-she won't hold it against him though! their wedding will still go on!