Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Where oh where did the weekend go? My weekend was filled with lots to do and lots of fun. On Saturday afternoon I went with my mother-in-law (Linda) to a Town and Gown luncheon where my Aunt Nancy received an award for all of the awesome volunteer work she does in the City of Redlands. She is an amazing woman. That evening Taylor had a Pinewood Derby race at a local church. Blaine and Taylor had been working hard to make the best car out there.....And all of the work payed off (Taylor won 1st place) go T-Dog. Chad and I were bummed we missed him receiving his trophy because little E would not sit still any longer :( Sunday started off with working in the Nursery at church, then headed to Red Robin for great food with great friends. Our friends Scott and Kristy were here for the weekend so they came to church with us and joined us for lunch. By the time we got home it was time to get ready for the Hockey Game. Oh wait "what hockey game" of course the Ontario Reign Hockey Team was not sold out on the night 14 of us were supposed to go see the game. Since we all had sitters we ventured out and went bowling instead. I had a fantastic time (although I was not the bowler I used to be). The evening ended with awesome food at CJ's. Boy what a weekend:) Good Times!!!!!!

Daddy and Everest playing while Mommy was
at her luncheon.

Aunt Nancy and her son Rob.

T's car racing to the finish.

Enjoying the race and a DR.Pepper Float

GO T (1st place)

What a stud and might I add
Winner of the night!!!!! That's my man.

So into the game!

Bobbi, Jessica, Gina, Veronica,
Ashley, Sandy, and Me.

The whole Bunch.

Such serious Guys :)
This was their funny pose.

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