Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everest's 1st Birthday

Everest had a fun filled day at his First Birthday Party. It was a Circus/Carnival themed Party filled with tons of goodies- Popcorn, cotton candy, hot-dogs, cracker-jacks, corn dogs, pizza, cookies, nacho's,, cake, candy gallore, soda, balloons, decorations,monkey jump-house and lots of family and friends.What more could a 1 year old want? It was perfect. A special thanks to all of his Grandparents, and his Aunt Tara and Uncle Blaine for making his special day so amazing.

Where is my cake?

Not sure I like this

My Uncle made this on top of
Everest's gift
I am King of the Jungle
On Everest's actual Birthday we went to the
Wild Animal Park in San Diego. It was a fun filled day.
You look like Mackenzie (Everest's dog)
Melissa and Cameron (Everest's Buddy)

We are just about as cute as the monkey


  1. Oh my goodness, I can not believe he is already one! What a cutie! He is such a joy to watch.
    Love the blog...cute! Swing by mine at the IE Mommy...I'm adding you to my blogroll, hope you do the same :)

  2. Some may say that Everest will not remember his 1st Birthday Party, but I belive that he will always carry in his joyous heart the Love that filled that special day.

  3. Loving Spencer's Playhouse...(You guy's got that right FO-SURE) I feel so joyful stopping by and checking out ya site!!!! and am now an
    official stalker of that cute lil one......:)

  4. No way, Everest is ONE?!!?!? They grow too fast! He is adorable!!! WOW, I hope we have a boy!